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Career Impulse Session with Dr. Anna Cypionka, 30 November 2015


We are happy to invite you to a Career Impulse Session with Dr. Anna Cypionka (GGNB alumna) from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

Date: Monday, 30 November 2015, 17:00 – 19:00 o’clock
Place: GZMB building, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11, seminar room 0.232
Duration: 1.5 hours + 0.5 hour for open networking

PTB, the German National Metrology Institute, is one of 46 federal research institutes in Germany.

The mission of the federal research institutes goes far beyond basic research: they bridge the gap between science and society and provide advice and support based on scientific evidence to the German government. Consequently, job profiles for scientists at these agencies are more variable than at other research institutes.

Dr. Anna Cypionka will talk about her experience as a project manager for international projects at the Technical Cooperation Department of PTB and as an advisor to PTB’s President.

During her PhD, she was member of the GGNB doctoral program / International Max Planck Research School “Physics of Biological and Complex Systems” and worked under the supervision of Professor Reinhard Jahn and Professor Jomo Walla on SNARE-mediated membrane fusion.

For organizational reasons, please write me an email (, if you consider taking part. Thanks! However, taking part spontaneously is also possible.


Career Impulse Sessions offer a platform for interactive and informal exchange about career-related topics. By inviting PhD holders with different career paths, we would like to illustrate the broad range of potential careers and inspire you to find your own one. We are especially aiming at bringing back Alumni. At this, we are supported by our current students who organize career seminars themselves. Moreover, we share and discuss other career-related information and topics such as founding one’s own business or combining successful research with parenthood.

The sessions also offer a platform for your exchange of experience among each other. That’s why we always include half-hour open networking time at the end of each session

If you would like to suggest a speaker or a topic or if you want to present or discuss a topic yourself, please contact me (!

Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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