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March for Science in Göttingen: Call for Science Explainers and Volunteers


On Saturday, 22 April 2017, researchers are taking to the streets to speak up for free, open and independent science. The March for Science will take place in Göttingen along with over 400 other cities worldwide, 14 in Germany.

The Göttingen participants gather at 11:00h at the Gänseliesel and walk down Weender Straße to the Auditorium to listen to speeches of invited guests.

In order to celebrate science, you are invited to take part to discuss what science can offer and to educate the public about science. One hour before the march, at 10:00h, volunteer scientists will meet at the Gänseliesel to informally discuss scientific topics with the general public.

The organizers are still looking for volunteers and scientists who like to talk about their work and science in general. Communication would be preferably in German but non-German speakers will have lots of opportunities as well.

What could your participation look like? You can be as colorful and creative as you like, but here are a few suggestions for the march and/or for the pre-event:

  • Make a sign or shirt saying: “Ich bin xyz-Wissenschaftler, frag mich alles“ (I’m a xyz-scientist, ask me anything)
  • Talk to people walking by if they are interested in science or a specific topic of your choice
  • Dress-up as your favorite scientist
  • Dress-up as your favorite scientific theory/effect
  • Bring the PhD-cart of your lab and decorate it
  • Bring (old) science posters to show what communication among scientists look like
  • Participate in the sign-making event (will happen a few days before the march)
  • Bring little experiments to show science

Please write an email to if you are curious and would like to participate. Your support and contribution would be very much appreciated.

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