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What’s a Blog?

Actually, it is the short version of weblog (which is made-up of ‚web‘ and ‚logbook‘). It is a webpage which is periodically filled with new entries. The newest entry is always at the top; all other entries follow in chronological order.

The idea of weblogs is to exchange information, thoughts and experiences about specific topics. Mostly, the personal perspective of the author regarding a topic is central. Then, the entries have the form of personal comments similar to comments in newspapers. Those kinds of entries you find here in the category “remark”. The other 3 categories are explained on the page “ABOUT”.

Entries can be commented by the readers; thereby, readers and the author can join a discussion.

Some scientists discovered this simple way to share their research results and start scientific discussions or to make their research accessible for the public at large. Some of these scientific blogs are aggregated under the umbrella of portals such as ScienceBlogs  or SciLogs. Also, Nature and Science make use of blogs to distribute science and career-related information: See for Nature blogs, or ScienceCareers, respectively.

For a comprehensive short description have a look on the video ‘Blogs in Plain English‘.

What’s an RSS feed?

RSS means ‚really simple syndication‘. It was developed to exchange news and information between different webpages. It allows collecting information from different sources on a single webpage or in a so-called RSS reader. Thereby, you do not have to visit every website of your interest to find out about news; instead, you are directly updated about newly published information.

If you like to be informed about new entries on the GGNB career blog, RSS can help you: On the starting page, you can decide whether you want to get the entries of all categories or only entries of specific categories (i.e., announcements, calls, remarks, pointers – see on ‘ABOUT’ page for more details about the categories). You can subscribe to the RSS feeds with the help of a dynamic bookmark or you install a RSS feed reader; for the latter, several applications for different operating systems and mobile devices are available. It is impossible to recommend one of them in general.

For a comprehensive short description and a ‘how to’ have a look on the video ‘RSS in Plain English‘.

What’s a RSS blogroll?

In a RSS blogroll, you can include the RSS feeds of several blogs which you find interesting and display their latest news on your own blog. On GGNB career blog, we display on the starting page the latest news from the following career-related blogs:

Bioscience career blog

Science Careers

Career Realism

Motherhood, the elephant in the laboratory


How does it work to comment on blog entries?

Below every entry, you find the comments done so far. If you like to leave a comment, feel free to do so! For submitting a comment, it is required to enter a name and a valid e-mail address in addition to the message itself. If you like to, you can also enter a link to your website. The latter is displayed besides the entered name above your comment. The e-mail address will be of course not published; it is necessary to avoid spam on the blog.

The commenting function aims at getting readers’ feedback and enabling discussions. Overall, we expect our readers to be respectful and polite towards other readers and authors of the blog, to avoid content that is not meant for a wider public (especially information that affects third parties) and to respect laws.

It is forbidden to add illegal content and to include links to illegal contents.

The administrator reserves the right to not approve comments or to remove parts of the comments which violate these rules.

Why do I have to enter my e-mail address, if I want to make a comment?

Your e-mail address will not be publicly visible. Entering it only serves as protection of the blog. We like to know who is commenting to protect the blog against undesirable comments. Your data will of course be handled confidentially and will not be passed to third parties.

How can I become author on this blog?

At the moment, authorship is constrained to members of the GGNB team. If you are interested to be author here, write an e-mail to the coordinator Katrin Wodzicki and start discussing your involvement on the blog.

I have some questions regarding career planning or work-related issues. Who can I contact?

You have different options:

First, you can use the commenting function to ask your question so that the authors and other readers can suggest answers and advice. You can do this by entering a nickname instead of your real name, if you feel more comfortable therewith.

Second, if you prefer more confidentiality, you can send a e-mail request for individual counseling to the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit, Katrin Wodzicki (, and, if necessary, make an appointment with her. More information about the GGNB Career Service Unit you find here.

Third – and especially if your question might be relevant for other readers, too – the coordinator can post your question together with a request for comments, or take it up for a general information regarding the topic on the blog.

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