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What is a Blog?

Blog is the short version for weblog (web and logbook) and is a webpage, which is periodically filled with new entries. The most recent entry is always at the top with all other entries followed in chronological order.

The idea of blogs is to exchange information, thoughts and experiences about specific topics. In most cases the author’s personal perspective regarding a topic is central and hence those entries are personal comments similar to comments in newspapers. This type of entries you will find on this blog in the category remarks. The other three categories are explained under About.

Readers can comment on entries and thereby they can join a discussion not only with the author but also between themselves.
A few scientists discovered this quite simple way to share research results, discuss scientific topics or share and make their research outcomes accessible to a broader public. Some of these scientific blogs are aggregated under the umbrella of portals such as ScienceBlogs (in English) or SciLogs (in German). For example, Nature and Science are using blogs to distribute science and career-related information (Nature blogs, ScienceCareers).

If you are interested in a more comprehensive short description, please watch the video Blogs in Plain English.


What’s an RSS feed?

RSS stands for really simple syndication and was developed to exchange news and information between different webpages. It allows collecting information from different sources on a single webpage or in a so-called RSS reader and you are directly updated about newly published information. Thereby, you don’t have to visit every website you are interested in separately to find out about news.

If you are interested in new entries of the GAUSS career blog, RSS can help you: On the starting page, you can decide whether you want to receive the entries of all categories or only entries of specific categories (i.e. announcements, calls, remarks, pointers – please go to About for more details on the different categories). You can subscribe to the RSS feeds by a dynamic bookmark or by installing a RSS feed reader (several applications for different operating systems and mobile devices are freely available on the web).

If you are interested in a comprehensive short description, please watch the video RSS in Plain English.


What is a RSS blogroll?

By including RSS feeds of several blogs you are interested in into a RSS blogroll, you are able to display their latest news on your own blog. On the starting page of the GAUSS career blog, we display the latest news from the following career-related blogs:

Bioscience career blog
Science Careers
Work it daily


How does it work to comment on blog entries?

Below each entry you can find all comments submitted so far. If you like to add a comment yourself, please feel free to do so! To submit a comment you only need to enter a name, valid email address and of course your message. There is also the possibility to include a link to your webpage, which will be displayed next to your entered name above your comment. To avoid spam on the blog your email address won’t be published.

The aim of the commenting function is to receive feedback and enable discussions. We expect our readers to be respectful and polite towards authors of blog entries or comments, to avoid providing content, which is not meant for a wider public (especially information affecting third parties) and to respect the law.

It is strictly forbidden to add illegal content and to include links to illegal contents.

The administrator reserves the right to reject the approval of comments or to amend parts of comments violating these rules.


Why do I have to provide my e-mail address, if I want to make a comment?

Your email address won’t be visible to the public and it only serves as a protection for the blog. We prefer to know who is commenting to avoid undesirable comments. Of course your data will be confidential and won’t be passed on third parties.


How can I become author on this blog?

Currently authorship is constrained to members of the GAUSS career service team. However, if you are interested to be an author, please send an email to the coordinator Stefanie Klug to discuss your potential involvement in the blog.


I have some questions regarding career planning or work-related issues. Who can I contact?

You have different options:

You can use the commenting function to ask your question so that the authors and other readers can provide answers and advice. If you feel more comfortable with it and in case you would like to protect your identity in public, you are able to enter a nickname instead of your actual name.

If you prefer a more confidential approach, you can either send your question directly to the coordinator of the GAUSS Career Service Unit, Stefanie Klug ( or you can arrange with her an appointment for an individual counseling session. More information about the GAUSS Career Service Unit is available here.

If your question could be relevant for other readers as well but you don’t want to post it directly on the blog, you can send it to the coordinator and she can post it with a request for comments or create an entry with general information on the specific topic.

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