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Welcome to the GAUSS Career Service Blog, which was initiated by Katrin Wodzicki in 2013 and is now continued by both of us.

This blog is aiming to create a space for sharing and exchanging information on career relevant topics. We are publishing here:

  • Announcements of meetings, events and workshops of the GAUSS Career Service Unit;
  • Calls for funding opportunities, awards & prizes, meetings and events;
  • Remarks and suggestions regarding career planning;
  • Pointers to other useful information, resources and relevant events.

The information on this blog is not intended to be exhaustive, but we would like to provide you with an overview of many opportunities you have in actively managing your career – no matter if it will be in academia or not.

As we are highly appreciating your feedback you can not only rate our blog entries but also add your comments on the usefulness of the provided content and our events – just add those in the box directly below the blog entries. Furthermore, you are welcome to share related information to our blog entries and we hope that this is engaging not only discussions with us but also with other readers of the blog.

For more information on the GAUSS Career Service please go to our webpage or have a look into our FAQs.

If you have any non-public comments or would like to contact us directly, please send us an email to

We hope you enjoy your time here and get a lot of useful information.

All the best,
Stefanie and Christin

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