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by Stefanie Klug

GAUSS Career Impulse Session (10 Sep 2021, 14:00-15:30) with Dr. Jennifer Masch (Zeiss): “Multidisciplinary Thinking is Key”

We’re happy to announce our our next GAUSS Career Impulse Session with Dr. Jennifer M. Masch (Lead Engineer Innovation at Carl Zeiss Meditec AG). Jennifer is an alumna of the GGNB program ‘Molecular Physiology of the Brain’. She developed STED … Continue reading

by Christin Schröter

Recommended reading: Useful tips on being a successful PI

For academic scientists, the transition from postdoctoral researcher to group leader is arguably the toughest step that they will ever take. From the camaraderie and intense research focus of doctoral and postdoctoral work, new principal investigators suddenly acquire myriad supervisory, … Continue reading

by Katrin Wodzicki
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Diversity Of Career Opportunities For PhDs: Career Planning As A Creative Process

I suggest avoiding the question about staying or leaving academia. Successful careers are possible inside and outside academia. However, being successful in your career requires finding the career that fits best to your individual skills, interests and values. I’m convinced … Continue reading