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Apply for Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring Programme for Female Postdocs


The Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring Programme offers female Postdocs on Göttingen Campus the chance to promote their career development and prepare them for a leading (international) role in research and academia.

It is designed to accompany young female researchers through this phase of their development and represents a contribution to increasing the number of women in leading positions at universities and non-university institutions.

Duration: 1 year

Application: 1-31 August 2017

Start of new round: November 2017

What are my career prospects as scientist/scholar? What criteria are paramount in deciding to pursue an academic or non-academic career? Why is networking important? How should I behave in competitive situations? And how can I combine my family life with a career in academia or elsewhere?

Questions like these demonstrate that a successful career is more than just delivering optimal results at work. A hierarchy-independent mentoring relationship with a professor together with the exchange with other postdoctoral researchers can provide important orientation and support at this stage in life. The participants are provided with target-specific trainings over the duration of the programme round.

For more information on the programme, requirements and the application process click here or contact Dr. Vera Bissinger from the Central Coordination Mentoring of Göttingen University

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