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Workshop “Leaderships and Teams”, 22-23 April 2020

We are happy to announce our next GAUSS Career Service workshop “Leadership and Teams” by Dr. Nicole Eulenburg.

Postdocs are often asked to supervise PhD candidates and graduates. In this role it is imperative to be aware of and be able to deal with your own expectations and those of others – a skill which sometimes needs to be acquired first. The workshop teaches leadership tools for situations from the academic and non-academic fields on a general basis and in the context of individual experiences. These help to create a picture of the principal leadership elements and an understanding of how to use them.

Dates: 22-23 April 2020
Duration: 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday, 22-23 April 2020, 9-17h
Location: GZMB building, seminar room -1.105
Trainer: Dr. Nicole Eulenburg

Registration: Please register here (in case you are not yet registered) and send an email to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop. This workshop is for postdocs only.

Detailed Description:
One aim of the seminar is to introduce you to the tools needed to lead a team successfully. As a basic model, the approach of transformational leadership will be introduced. Further, you will reflect on the different expectations others have of you in your specific leadership role, and get to know instruments for clarifying such expectations in discussions. In this compact course, you will learn how to address difficult topics with team members and colleagues and how to lead discussions in a solution-oriented manner. The compact course provides you with advanced tools to motivate and lead a team and to position and to position your own ideas and interests in lateral contexts.

Contents in brief:
– The status quo: my current leadership situation and my leadership style
– Model of team leadership, fundamentals of transformational leadership
– Expectation management in a “sandwich position”
– Building trust and understanding – Group forming processes
– Target-oriented and inspiring leadership strategies
– Goals, feedback and delegating tasks: motivating versus lecturing
– Master difficult discussions with team members and on lateral level solution-orientated

This course follows a process-oriented approach and will continually address the participants’ individual questions in single work and group discussions, exercises and reflection units. Interactive and inclusive methods will be used so that participants can optimally apply the skills learnt to their daily work at the university. Theoretical segments will be recapitulated in the form of short summaries and checklists for the participants to increase the depth of learning.

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