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Career Impulse Session “Working in sales and customer services – a career option for a scientist?”, 7 July 2015


We are happy to invite to a career impulse session with Dr. Astrid Sitte (GGNB alumna) and her colleague Dr. Fabian Zehender from NanoTemper Technologies.

Date: Tuesday, 7 July 2015, 19:00 – 21:00 o’clock
Place: GZMB building, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11, seminar room 0.232
Duration: 2 hours

Stopping working in the lab and changing to a position in customer-oriented fields in Industry – is this really a career option for a scientist after receiving the PhD degree? Isn’t it boring and is a PhD needed therefore at all?

Dr. Astrid Sitte and Dr. Fabian Zehender, working in the customer support and sales team at NanoTemper Technologies, will share their experiences about this topic. They will provide insights into the workflow and challenges they are encountering on a daily basis. They will also explain responsibilities and essential skills when working for a company in a customer related position.

NanoTemper Technologies is based in Munich and develops, produces and markets innovative, high quality instruments for biomedical research. It was founded by Dr. Stefan Duhr and Dr. Philipp Baaske as a spin off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) at the University of Munich in 2008 and is now a globally operating company with more than 70 employees.

The session will start with a short presentation aiming at initiating a vivid discussion in an informal atmosphere.

As we would like to provide finger food and drinks, please write an email to Katrin Wodzicki ( until 30 June 2015, if you consider taking part!!

Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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