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Start of the 4th round of the Mentoring Program “WeWiMento”


In the past years science management has become an attractive and diverse job opportunity for young graduated academics. However, it is not always obvious which different organizational units this working field includes and which tasks science managers have to fulfill. The mentoring program WeWiMento aims at supporting graduates and late stage PhDs to get an insight into the broad field of science management and to prepare them for a job in this field.

Program structure

The one-year program consists of three units:

  • One-to-one mentoring

During the entire program each of the mentees will be accompanied by a mentor with experience in science management. The mentor will advise the mentees regarding career entries and perspectives.

  • Qualification and networking

In the first six months of the program the mentees will take part in three two-day workshops with the topics “career entry”, “capability analysis”, and “working at interfaces and in networks”. In different events (peer-group meeting, mentee-mentor lunches) the participants will have the possibility to inform themselves about career perspectives and build up a contact network.

  • Job Shadowing

In the second six months of the program mentees will pass four weeks of job shadowing in different departments or central institutions of the university, which will allow them to get an impression of the different working fields in science management.

The program starts in February 2017. The deadline for registration is 15 November 2016!

For more information on the program and how to apply click here!

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