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Assessment Center Training, 2 February 2017


The Career Service of Göttingen University invites all interested students and graduates to an Assessment Center Training on Thursday,  2 February 2017.

Find out more about typical tasks and objectives of an Assessment Center and get tips about how to prepare and how to sell yourself most effectively.

The workshop focuses on the following topics:

    • How does an assessment center operate?
    • How does the requirement profile for the target jobs look like?
    • What are the typical tasks and responsibilities?
    • How can I best prepare?
    • How do I sell myself most effectively at the AC?
    • What are the avoidable pitfalls and stumbling blocks?

The interactive workshop is completely held in English language.

Further information about the location and the workshop trainers as well as registration details can be found here:

The deadline for registration is 30 January 2017.

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