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Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network


The newly formed Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network aims to connect all postdocs in Göttingen (defined as PhD holders who conduct professional research under a time-limited contract or fellowship), facilitate information exchange, identify and advance relevant topics for the community and provide a communication channel to the Campus governance. Measures and activities are led by postdocs and supported by the Campus Office.

  • Postdoc mailing list

The GC_postdoc mailing list is a Campus-wide communication channel for all postdocs working in Göttingen. Via the list you will receive information about events, workshops, funding opportunities and any topics that are relevant to postdocs. Anyone can also share relevant information via the list; messages are moderated by the Campus Office. More than 200 subscribers currently form this online community and all postdocs are welcome to join! To sign up, click here:

  • Postdoc portal

The postdoc page of the Göttingen Campus website is a central and easy point of access to resources that will help you thrive as a postdoc in Göttingen. On this page you can quickly access information about living in Göttingen, funding opportunities, career development and events. Find out more:

For any questions or comments, or if you would like to get involved, feel free to contact us at the Campus Office:

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