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Workshop: “Mastering my Job Interview”, 4 Sept 2023


We are happy to announce our next GAUSS Career Service workshop “Career development strategies: Mastering my Job Interview” by Dr. Alexander Britz.

Are you currently working as Postdoc or finalizing your PhD? Do you plan to transition to a position outside of academia, potentially in industry, but you feel unprepared for searching and finding a new position? In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn and practice career development strategies with a focus on leaving a great impression in your job interview.

Dates: Monday, 4 September 2022
Duration: 1 full day, 9-17h
Location: GZMB building, large seminar room 0.232, ground floor, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11 (map)
Trainer: Dr. Alexander Britz

Registration: Please register here and send an email to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop.

Workshop description:

We will start with a brief introduction to efficient job searching strategies to get to the interview for the job of your dreams. Then we will train general presentation skills to sell yourself in a job interview. Knowing your strengths, but also your weaknesses, will allow you to express yourself authentically. We will further discuss what to expect from job interviews in general and gather a check list of what to do and what not. You will
learn how to prepare to answer standard and non-standard questions and we will practice easy-to-use storytelling techniques for these situations. Furthermore, we will discuss how you can ask adequate questions yourself. We will practice all these newly acquired skills in breakout sessions and role plays. Finally, we will discuss methods to cope with anxiety but also possible failures.

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