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by Christin Schröter

Career Impulse Session with Franziska Greifzu, Project Manager Scientific Affairs at Aesculap / B.Braun AG, 29 September 2017, 16-18h

We are happy to invite you to another Career Impulse Session this time with Dr. Franziska Greifzu who works as Project Manager for Scientific Affairs at Aesculap / B.Braun AG in Tuttlingen.

Date: Friday, 29 September 2017
Time: 16-18h
Location: GZMB building, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11, seminar room 0.232 (ground floor)

After the talk, Franziska will take some time to answer your individual questions.

For organizational reasons we would be grateful if you could write a short email to if you plan to attend.

Information about the speaker:

Franziska Greifzu studied biology at the University of Jena and Madrid. Afterwards, she completed her PhD in Göttingen in the basic research field of stroke and brain plasticity in neurobiology.

After a postdoc period she was looking for possible development options within and outside of academia. Her interest in applied research and surgery brought her in contact with the medical device company Aesculap, where she started as a project manager for clinical studies in April 2017.

During her talk she will show how the skills that she acquired in academia were also helpful in industry and will give an insight into the diverse and interesting tasks of a medical science project manager.

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by Christin Schröter

Workshop “Know Yourself – Emphasize Your Individual Strengths”, 12 September 2017

You wonder what makes you stand out among other graduates with a PhD? You find it hard to tell others about yourself? You had a couple of job interviews, but have the feeling you could not convincingly talk about your competencies. Then sign-up for our workshop “Know Yourself – Emphasize Your Individual Strengths”.

Target Group: Junior researchers who are contemplating their next career step.

Goals: Develop awareness about your specific individual skills and practice how to communicate them effectively in professional contexts.

Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Duration: 1 day (9:00-18:00h)
Location: GZMB building, seminar room 0.232 (ground floor)
Trainer: Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi

Registration: Please register here and write an email to , including a short statement on your motivation to join the workshop (Why this workshop?).

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by Christin Schröter

WoCaNet Symposium 2017, 12-13 October 2017

The registration for the next WoCaNet symposium on 12-13 October 2017 is open now! Again, it has a great lineup of female speakers with divers career paths, a career fair, excellent networking opportunities and three workshops prior to the symposium.

You can register until 8 September 2017 here.

See below for the call of the organizers

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by Christin Schröter

Apply for Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring Programme for Female Postdocs

The Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring Programme offers female Postdocs on Göttingen Campus the chance to promote their career development and prepare them for a leading (international) role in research and academia.

It is designed to accompany young female researchers through this phase of their development and represents a contribution to increasing the number of women in leading positions at universities and non-university institutions.

Duration: 1 year

Application: 1-31 August 2017

Start of new round: November 2017

What are my career prospects as scientist/scholar? What criteria are paramount in deciding to pursue an academic or non-academic career? Why is networking important? How should I behave in competitive situations? And how can I combine my family life with a career in academia or elsewhere?

Questions like these demonstrate that a successful career is more than just delivering optimal results at work. A hierarchy-independent mentoring relationship with a professor together with the exchange with other postdoctoral researchers can provide important orientation and support at this stage in life. The participants are provided with target-specific trainings over the duration of the programme round.

For more information on the programme, requirements and the application process click here or contact Dr. Vera Bissinger from the Central Coordination Mentoring of Göttingen University

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by Christin Schröter

Maria Reiche Support Programme for female Postdocs

The Maria Reiche support programme offers support to female Postdocs working towards their habilitation at TU Dresden. TU Dresden launched the programme with the aim to improve equal opportunity for early-career female scientists at TU Dresden on their way to a professorship.

Application deadline: 30 August 2017

The funding period is 18 months with the opportunity for an extension of max. further 6 month after positive evaluation. If the application for third-party funding is approved before this deadline passes, funding terminates when the agreement with the sponsored candidate in the project comes into effect.

Depending on the Postdoc’s application, funding is either used to fund a half- or full-time post (TV-L13, in exceptional cases up to E 14 TV-L) or can be paid out as a grant. The grant total is in accordance with the current DFG funding guidelines.

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by Christin Schröter

Career Impulse Session with Annette Denker, Consultant at McKinsey, 21 July 2017, 15-17h

We are happy to invite you to another Career Impulse Session this time with Dr. Annette Denker from McKinsey & Company in Düsseldorf.

Date: Friday, 21 July 2017
Time: 15-17h
Location: European Neuroscience Institute, ground floor, large seminar room 0.55/0.56

After the talk, Annette will take some time to answer your individual questions and you will have a platform for interactive and informal exchange about career-related topics.

For organizational reasons we would be grateful if you could write a short email to if you plan to attend.

Information about the speaker:

Annette Denker completed her Bachelor in Molecular Biotechnology in 2007 at the University of Heidelberg. She then joined the MSc/PhD program Molecular Biology in Göttingen, where she performed her PhD thesis in the group of Silvio Rizzoli, focusing on the recycling of synaptic vesicles in vivo. After her PhD, Annette did two postdocs in the field of nuclear organization and DNA architecture, the first at the Salk Institute for Biological studies in La Jolla, California, and the second at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She has been working as a consultant for McKinsey & Co., Inc. since September 2016.

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by Christin Schröter

Call for registration: Third Infinity Conference, 9-11 October 2017

Ob behalf of the organizers, we would like to draw your attention to the “Third Infinity Conference” organized by the GGNB Program IMPRS for Physics of Biological and Complex Systems (PBCS) and taking place from 9-11 October 2017 at the Manfred-Eigen Lecture Hall of the Max Planck Campus, Göttingen.

The focus of the conference is Physics of Biological and Complex Systems, and we aim to cover diverse topics on the field. Invited speakers for the conference are

  • Computational Biophysics – Modesto Orozco, Institute for Research in Biomedicine
  • Neuroimmunology – Hartmut Wekerle, Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology
  • Mechanosensing – Eugene Terentjev, University of Cambridge
  • Single Molecule Spectroscopy – Ben Schuler, University of Zurich
  • Optogenetics – Marco Mongillo, The Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine
  • Protein Mechanics – Neel S. Joshi, Harvard University
  • Active Matter – Eberhard Bodenschatz, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation
  • Complex Network/Liquid Crystals – Carl Modes, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Keynote – Reinhard Jahn, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 1 August 2017.

To register, click here.

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