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Course on “Fundamental Principles of Sensory Processing”, 26 September 2015


Here the call of the organizers:

We invite you to take part in the course “Fundamental Principles of Sensory Processing” which will take place Saturday, Sept 26th 2015 , 12:30 – 19:00 at the MPI of Experimental Medicine.

Sensing, one of the most important characteristics of the living organism, relies on a combination of specialized organs to pick up signals from the outside world, and complex neuronal circuits to interpret the signals. Both the organs and the neuronal circuits have evolved to extraordinary complexity, especially in mammals, with the most prominent examples being the auditory and visual systems.

Our course aims to untangle this complexity, offering students an in-depth view of both the organs behind sensory transmission and the inner workings of the respective neural circuits. We focus on both the visual system (two lectures) and the auditory system (two lectures), while also adding lectures on the development of sensory signaling and lateral line function. To register, go to our website.

Lectures will be given by speakers of the Ribbon Synapse Symposium 2015 (24-26 September 2015). We strongly encourage the participation of young scientists at the symposium and invite you to submit an abstract for a poster presentation or a short talk.

On behalf of the organizers,

Sünke Mortensen

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