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Case Study Challenge – Center for Strategic Projects of Deutsche Telekom


The Center for Strategic Projects (CSP) – In-house Consulting of the Deutsche Telekom – invites you and three other team members to participate in a two-day Case Study Challenge in Bonn.
You are asked to demonstrate your analytical, strategic and communicative competencies and convince the jury of your ideas.

You will gain exciting insights into the world of digital communication and the work as an in-house consultant. Furthermore, you can win prizes like wildcards for an internship as in-house consultant or 2,000€ prize money for the winning idea.

Submit your team application (interdisciplinary teams welcome) via email to until 31 August 2016:

  • Introduction of your team, including names and CVs of all team members
  • a good explanation why you (and no other candidate) should be invited
  • your contact data

Hotel accommodation and travel reimbursement of up to 150€ will be provided by the organizers.

For more information click here.

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