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Career Impulse Session with Lars Reichl, software developer at Prof. Schumann GmbH, 3 February 2017


We are happy to invite you to another Career Impulse Session titled “Working in IT-consulting – a Göttingen love story” with Dr. Lars Reichl, software developer at Prof. Schumann GmbH in Göttingen.

The event is organized by PhDs and PostDocs of the MPI-ds/IMPRS-PCBS.

Date: Friday, 3 February 2017
Start: 16:00 o’clock
Location: MPI-EM Seminar Room A1, Hermann-Rein-Straße 3

Information about the speaker:

Dr. Lars Reichl studied physics at the universities of Heidelberg and Göttingen and worked as PhD researcher and PostDoc at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen. His work at the MPI-DS he was focused on theoretical neuroscience and allowed him to gain some computational skills. This came in handy when he switched gears and started working as a software developer for his current firm.

The Prof. Schumann GmbH started out as a start up driven by university students and a professor and has since gained a standing in the IT-consulting landscape. The firm focuses on the development of software for credit risk management and consulting for large insurances, banks and other corporations. With about 70 employees, Prof. Schumann GmbH is still small but growing fast and always looking to hire. The firm is situated directly opposite of the central campus and might offer a great opportunity for people that are tied to Göttingen and want to start working in the business.

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