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Career Impulse Session (12 Jan 2018) with Partho Halder, Lab Head for Assay Development at CSL Behring GmbH in Marburg


We are happy to invite you to another Career Impulse Session titled “From Academia to Industry: A Personal Experience” with Dr. Partho Halder who heads the lab for Assay Development at CSL Behring GmbH in Marburg.

Date: Friday, 12 January 2018
Time: 14-16h
Location: GZMB building, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11, seminar room 0.232 (ground floor)

After the talk, Partho will take some time to answer your individual questions.

For organizational reasons please write a short email to if you plan to attend.

Information about the speaker:

After his engineering in Biotechnology at the Birla Institute of Technology in India, Partho started pursuing his doctorate in 2007 as an Excellence Initiative Fellow of the International Graduate School of Life Science at the University of Würzburg. For his thesis Partho characterized synaptic proteins from Drosophila using monoclonal antibodies using techniques like hybridoma culture, HPLC, subcellular fractionation, Western blot & 2DE-MS, immunohistochemistry, etc.

With the kind offer to host, Partho joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn with a Max-Planck-Stipendium as a postdoc in 2012. During this time Partho worked on mammalian late-endosomal SNAREs and SNARE-like mimics from pathogens with techniques like protein biochemistry and biophysics. Besides his main projects, Partho also worked on local (AG Urlaub, AG Janshoff, AG Steinem, AG Diedrichsen) and international (van der Bogaart Lab, Shuman Lab, Cafiso Lab) collaboration projects.

In April 2017 Partho joined CSL Behring GmbH in Marburg, which is a part of CSL Limited. With 18,000+ employees worldwide it is one of the global leaders in plasma biotechnology (coagulation factors, human albumin, emergency medications, vaccines, antivenoms, etc). Partho heads the lab for Assay Development (HPLC, ELISA, LC-MS, Spectrophotometry, etc.) as an interface between the R&D and QC.

During his talk Partho will focus on his transition from academia (the world of impact factors) to industry (the world of GMP) and try to give some insights on the various jobs (and the required skills) for natural science graduates in the industry.

About the sessions:

Career Impulse Sessions offer a platform for interactive and informal exchange about career-related topics for PhD students and Postdocs in the Life and Natural Sciences. By inviting PhD holders with different career paths, we would like to illustrate the broad range of potential careers for PhD students and Postdocs and give inspiration for career choices. The sessions also offer a platform to exchange experiences among each other.

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