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Workshop “Know Yourself – Emphasize Your Individual Strengths”, 17 April 2018


You wonder what makes you stand out among other graduates with a PhD? You find it hard to tell others about yourself? You had a couple of job interviews, but have the feeling you could not convincingly talk about your competencies? Then sign-up for our next GAUSS Career Service workshop “Know Yourself – Emphasize Your Individual Strengths” by Silke Oehrlein-Karpi.

Target Group: Postdoctoral scientist and late-stage PhD students who are considering their next career step.

Goals: Develop awareness about your specific individual skills and practice how to communicate them effectively in the professional context.

Date: Tuesday, 17 April 2018
Duration: 1 day (9:00-18:00h)
Location: GZMB building, seminar room 0.232
Trainer: Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi

Registration: Please register here and send an email to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop.

Detailed Description:

Why does my supervisor not acknowledge my achievements and qualities? Why are my colleagues getting support and promotions and not me? Why can I not convince a potential employer that I’m the perfect match for my dream job? – Discipline, hard work and being a team-player are often not enough to achieve professional success. Beside targeted qualification and commitment, confident and realistic self-presentation  and the visibility for others in your network are crucial when trying to get an appropriate position and/or salary.

To receive attention in the professional world, while applying for a new position or while looking for new professional challenges, you have to know how to emphasize your personal qualities and strengths to get the recognition of others.

Evaluating and knowing your skills and competencies is a challenging and exciting process that is crucial for an authentic and successful self-presentation in the job context.

This workshop

  • will help you to develop a personal „life profile“, which not only covers your professional expertise but also competencies acquired in all areas of life.
  • will help you to compile the unique variety of your individual skills.
  • will teach you how to use them to market yourself.
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