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CIS Successful Research and Parenthood: Information and Presentation


Here is the presentation from the Career Impulse Session on Successful Research and Parenthood which I prepared in cooperation with Renate Putschbach from the Family Service of the University:

Moreover, in preparation of the session, I collected a couple of links related to this topic which I share here:

Services and Contact Persons

For parents employed by the University of Göttingen: Family Service, Frau Putschbach

  • advice on questions concerning the combining of academic/student/professional life with family life
  • information and support in the search for suitable child care
  • information on family-friendly working arrangements, e.g. telework
  • assistance on issues before and after the birth of your child,

For international postdoctoral researchers (without Faculty of Medicine/UMG): Welcome Center

Equal Opportunities officers are contact persons for employees of their respective organisation/institute. Among other tasks, they are responsible for

  • Complaint handling in case of infringements against equal opportunity rights and regulations
  • Quality assurance in teaching, research, promotion of young scientists and qualification
  • Structural decisions such as family-friendly organisational structures
  • Participation in appointment procedures and other recruitment processes

Equal opportunities Officers (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte) at the University of Göttingen, including links to decentralized equal opportunities representations at all faculties, institutes and centres of the University of Göttingen

Corporate Service for employees of MPG

If you are not employed by the University of Göttingen, you can address respective equal opportunities officers (Gleichstellungsbeauftrage) at UMG, the MPIs and the DPZ. As names might chance from time to time, please research their names yourself. If you have trouble finding them, do not hesitate to contact me.

Infrastructures and Information

Childcare facilities – General information in English

Information about Childcare services in Göttingen.

Kindergarten of MPI: Frau Dettmer

Specialized childcare services of the University of Göttingen, including:

  • Emergency childcare
  • Childcare during business trips or conference trips or due to participation in training and qualification
  • Childcare during events organised by the University of Göttingen

Schools in Germany

Child and Parental Allowance in Germany

Entry Regulations for Family Members in Germany

“I’m pregnant – a checklist for moms-to-be” (in German)

Parent-child rooms at the University of Göttingen

Mobile children’s rooms at the University of Göttingen

If you want to share further helpful links to respective services or information sources, please do not hesitate to add in the comment’s section!

Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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