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For those of you who are very concerned with career planning issues at the moment (and could not take part in the workshops today and tomorrow), you may have a look on the Cambridge Careers Guide.

It gives a lot of handsome information about “Getting started”, “Exploring my options”, “All you need to know about getting a job”, and even more. It is written in very encouraging way. Here are two tips I strongly agree with:

“Start by making lists!”

These lists can be about what you did, your competencies, and your favorite activities. You can also make lists of things that you don’t like or that want to avoid. This will not only help you receiving clarification about what kind of job you would like to have; It will also enable you to tell potential employers why you are the best person for a job!

“Explore roles and careers”

The guide provides you with information in this regard. In addition, start browsing job ads, online or in newspapers. Ask friends about their jobs, what they like about them, and how they got them. Try to find out what others PhDs from your department or your program did. Ask them about their jobs. This will help you to figure out what’s out there, and how those jobs fit to your abilities and interests.

If you need support in your career planning, make an announcement with me or consider taking part in career planning workshops in future.


Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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