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Workshop “Job Hunting and Application Skills” (24-25 November 2016) + Webinar (17 November 2016)


We are happy to announce the next workshop on “Job Hunting and Application Skills – Natural and Life Sciences”.

Target group: Junior researchers who are currently applying or plan to apply soon to positions in Industry or other areas outside academic research.

Goal: Getting to know all the steps of the application process.

Dates: Thursday, 24 November 2016 (12-17 h) & Friday, 25 November 2016 (9-16 h) + Webinar, 17 November (1 hour)
Place: GZMB building, seminar room -1.105 (basement)
Trainer: Barbara Hoffbauer
Duration: 1,5 days + webinar

Registration: Please register here and write an email to, including a short statement on your motivation to join the workshop.

Detailed Description:

Previous to the workshop there will be a one-hour webinar with focus on CVs to speak about some basic facts and concepts before the workshop, so that it doesn’t take up too much of the workshop’s time.

The workshop itself deals with how to write a professional application. Participants will learn about the requirements regarding form and content of CVs and the respective differences between academia and industry. They will reflect about how to convey their strengths and motivation in response to a job advertisement, but also how to approach speculative applications. Moreover, participants will train their self-presentation skills in the job hunting process, including self-presentation on career fairs, conferences and interviews. The workshop will include various training sessions, partly accompanied by video recording for a follow-up analysis.

Subsequent to the workshop, it is possible to get an individual CV check from the trainer.

“It was perfectly suited to my need, very helpful with a great experienced trainer.” (Postdoc in Neurosciences)

“The workshop was very informative and dynamic. It helped me to realize my most positive characteristics and feel confident about my future career possibilities.” (Postdoc at GZMB)

“Make the most of this wonderful experience. Learn and improve yourself with the content of the workshop. It’s an eye opener.” (Postdoc in Molecular Biology)

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