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Retrospective View on the First Career Planning Workshops


The first two workshops of the GGNB Career Service took place in mid-May and were fully booked. The feedback we received was very positive!

The workshop on “What to do with a PhD?” is a great chance for young researchers who are looking for career opportunities to get an overview about the various possible career paths and reflect about what kind of job they would fit to.

This is what participants say about the Career Planning Workshop “What to do with a PhD?”:

“To participate in this workshop has been just great. I am more confident now about my possibilities and I have the right tools to get my goals. Well done!” (Postdoc at the MPIbpc)

“Does give one an ample idea of what the job market has to offer, be it academia, the public sector or the private sector. Very informative and fun at the same time. I recommend this for both late PhD students and post-docs alike.” (Postdoc in Biochemistry)

The workshop “How to proceed with postdoc experience?” is targeted at more experienced postdocs, a more heterogeneous group. The participants appreciated the opportunities to reflect about their skills, identify their strengths, and discuss their future opportunities. So, if you are wondering whether your former achievements will result in a successful scientific career or in what way your acquired skills are of value for a career outside academia, join one of the next workshops!

This is what participants say about the Career Planning Workshop “How to proceed with postdoc experience?”:

“The workshop is a valuable exercise to become aware of your own skills and how to use them for job applications and job selection.” (Postdoc in Chemistry)

“An eyeopener. Giving ideas about perspectives important for outside academia jobs.” (Postdoc in 3rd year searching for options)

Overall, it became clear again how important networking is for everyone’s career development, be it networking with peers, with successful scientists or with people from outside academia. Future events of the GGNB Career Service Unit will aim at facilitating this networking.

If you have some more specific questions, contact me and we will see what I can do for you! If you are interested in taking part in a Career Planning Workshop, do not hesitate to contact me ( even if no workshop is announced at a given time. To get information about upcoming events register in our database!

Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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