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How To Illustrate One’s Individual Profile


In a former post, I stressed the importance of clarity about your individual profile of expertise, skills and personal characteristics. It might have raised the question whether or how to illustrate such a profile in your CV. In Germany, at least listing technical and language skills is very common. Although listing soft and personal skills is not that common, I think that it helps you to give a potential employer a better impression of you. Thus, I point to some articles dealing therewith in English-speaking countries:

Sarah Blackford discusses on her blog when and how to use personal profiles in CVs.

Moreover, an article on CAREEREALISM is about “5 Key Areas To Target When Branding Your Resume“.

Finally, two further CAREEREALISM articles might be helpful in your job hunting process, namely “Top 10 Ways To Get A Job Interview” and “Top 10 resume Tips“.

As always my offer for Göttingen postdocs: If you need further advise or want a second opinion on your CV, do not hesitate to contact me!

Author: Katrin Wodzicki

Hi, I am Katrin, the coordinator of the GGNB Career Service Unit.

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